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Ya know, sometimes a girl just needs a champagne sleepover. I got on the phone with Lawrence this afternoon, in a serious funk. I spent the entire day lying in bed, not doing my paper, sending disgusting snap chats of my puffy, hung over face to everyone on my contact list. I felt awful, down and blue. I didn’t even have any reason to feel down. I’ve just started a new job I love, I had a great night out with LT—and yet I just felt something was amiss. Homesickness, I suppose. It’s Easter Sunday and I had no one to celebrate with. I kept seeing pictures of my happy, smiling friends at a host of drunk brunches, sipping mimosas, sitting in the sun—while I was being a scummy troll, in my bed, unproductive at 5pm.

“Lawrence, I just feel shitty and depressed.” She had just landed back in New York, after a little visit home for our school’s Easter break. “I really need a—“ before I even had a chance to finish my sentence, she it did for me, “A champagne sleepover. Yes. Come over.”


So, I hopped on the 2 train, transferred to the 1 at 14th and went to Lawrence’s apartment in the West Village. We got dinner and some champagne and went to her apartment to have our own Easter party—even if it was a little late. We put on music and had ourselves a champagne sleepover. It got me thinking about the importance of family, a subject I often contemplate. It’s insanely important to me that I could call Lawrence, night or day, and she would just know that I need a champagne sleepover. She turns on the music, we dance, we laugh, and everything is okay again. I’m good at owning my independence. I don’t need someone to feel validated—but I do need Lawrence and I do need champagne sleepovers. Here are my top 10 situations that require a champagne sleepover.

  1. A break up (a bad one)
  2. A holiday away from home
  3. I didn’t do any of my homework all weekend (and I definitely am not going to)
  4. Fashion Week blues
  5. We got all of our homework done
  6. Straight up just feeling down/in a funk
  7. It’s laundry day
  8. I have too much to do I want to die
  9. I want champagne
  10. Something really, really big happened and I can’t wait to talk about it (ie: it’s completely okay to always need a champagne sleepover).

Needless to say there is essentially nothing that would make you not want to have a champagne sleepover. But they are good for the soul, good for my state of mind. It’s just reckless, perfectly wonderful abandon. I’m 100% myself and I dance until I can’t dance anymore. It’s rejuvenating. And of course, it’s a wonderful time to get a lot of girl time and gossip in. Because ya know what? Sometimes a girl just needs a champagne sleepover.