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This is a guest post from my talented Romanian cohort, Roxana Sava. Enjoy!

Do you remember the fairytales you were told when you were a child? You know, the ones with princes and princesses who run away together till the end of the world.

That’s my fairytale, except I’m not a princess…and my prince is not actually a prince. And I had to get to the end of the world by myself.

My tale begins on June 12th 2013 when I first met my “prince”. I had a glimpse of him while sitting in a window seat on a bus which was taking me from the JFK airport to Beach Haven, NJ, and that’s when I spotted my slice of heaven. That’s when all six seasons of Sex and the City, all the Gossip Girl books and TV episodes flashed through my mind. That’s when I met my love. In that bus, a long, platonic love started to take shape. The contour of skyscrapers, yellow cabs and glimmering lights were revealed to me in pie-eyed amazement. It was like that sensation you get when you feel you know somebody from all the stories you’ve heard about them, and then you finally get to put a face to them. I was simply and irremediably awed.

In that very moment I knew what I wanted. This enormous urge started growing inside of me to know more, to experience more and to find more reasons to fall ever-deeper in love. The curiosity grew daily to see my lover’s face first thing in the morning and to stay awake at night just to watch him sleep. But my prince never sleeps. You know, same as all relationships are at first.

Most of all, I knew right away I wanted to marry my prince! I wanted to move to his kingdom and start my life there from scratch and live together, happily ever after.

But of course, there had to be a dragon in my fairytale, one that wanted to poison my love. I had a serpent in my garden telling me that my prince was dangerous. But I trust him. That my prince smells, but I could only smell our love. That my prince steals, but he only stole my soul.

The end of my tale isn’t written yet; it’s still a work in progress. I guess my prince has to love me back, and to accept me and help me grow. He has to unsheathe his sword and fight whatever dragon that may attack us. As for me, I just know I’m going to fight for my love and do what it takes to make New York love me back.


Roxana Sava is a “newborn”, but very determined blogger with high ambitions. She’s receiving a degree in Public Relations and Journalism in a couple of months and is about to take a big leap; starting a new adventure, in another country, on another continent, having an ocean between her and her comfort zone.

Currently she’s posting her thoughts and feelings on her blog Always Hope. Never Expect, where she hopes you’ll see something extraordinary through her ordinary experiences. Her articles and musings are a reflection of her passion for discussing relationships, arts, social events and all the fundamental elements that bind us together in our shared existence. Her blog is an extension of the discussion on how her passions and inspirations relate to topical subjects and the world at large. In a short period of time she managed to develop an appreciative worldwide fan base.

For more of Roxana’s opinions and editorials go read her blog!