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Last week I wrote about my parents vow renewal and am happy to say that they were delighted and touched by my description of it. I want to share an email from my mom that I received after the post went live–she knows I never answer my phone.

Sometimes you just need a little love and confidence from mama. She often has the tendency–with good intentions in mind– to makes me feel like I can’t make anything of my dreams, that I “better find a rich husband” if I want to be a writer and journalist. She means the best and she means to realistic about my financial future but comments like this make me feel like Im a failure.

But, like all good mamas, she knows just what to say to make me feel like I have something special to give the world.

Dear Gigi,

You truly are the female Hemingway!  Gigi, wait for the first class jewels, because you are one.  You’ll never be alone with 1000 cats.  You’ll always have Daddy, me, and your family!  Remember, friends are a gift one gives to oneself.  Treasure them.  Remain true to yourself, for you are a magnetic force.  I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always;  as long as I’m living (and I’m living forever), you better watch out.  I’ll be watching you always and loving you always.  Thank you for that beautiful tribute to both Daddy and me.  You’ve reached the other side of the rainbow, not that there was any doubt.  You’ve made it through the rain and have come out with a beam of sunlight  upon your face.  I’m so proud of you!  You amaze me!  I love you.
Bridezilla, a/k/a Mommy