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Title: Lurid Sustenance
Type: Essay
Date: May 2013


“There is many a reality television juggernaut out there in the social media world.The Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Real Housewives, etc. have all made serious names for themselves as stars of reality television. There is one that stands out among the rest, one group that has managed to turn the public’s interest in their gaudy, ridiculous lives into a multi-million dollar empire: none other than the outrageous and precocious Kardashian family.

It would be safe to say that anyone with access to a television or the Internet knows who the Kardashians are. They have gained enormous popularity by capitalizing on mass media. That is how they have spread their message. They have used mass media outlets to cultivate a kind of hero worship.

Hero Worship is the excessive adulation of an individual or individuals.(dictionary.com). The masses have been partial to hero-worshipping since the times of the Greeks. Look at Hercules, for example. The Greeks idolized him as the ideal picture of masculinity. The difference between the Greeks and us is that they had Gods and we have TMZ…”

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