Title: A Developing Blog for a Developing City
Type: Article (Q&A)
Date: December 1st, 2012


“Fordham graduate, Nikolai Fedak, is the author of the popular pro-development architectural blog, New York YIMBY. He has all the inside information on construction around the city, so contributing writer Gigi Engle sat down with him to discuss the blog and his thoughts on buildings around the Lincoln Center campus.

Observer: So, first of all, what does YIMBY stand for?

Nikolai Fedak (NK): It’s a play on NIMBY, which stands for Not In My Back Yard. YIMBY is the opposite—switch the no for a yes—as I’m very pro-development. It’s funny because people are familiar with NIMBY but with YIMBY they have to ask, which is fine, but it shows how much more prominent NIMBY people really are.

Observer: And why did you start YIMBY?

NK: It was just a small thing at first, I started at the end of 2011. I didn’t really begin developing the website until the spring of 2012. But to answer why, it’s because there’s really no voice for people who support development. It’s weird because talking to most people, they actually do support development, which is maybe why the site is doing so well. I don’t get too political—and don’t get me wrong, not all development is good—but the attitude and stances of so many people in New York regarding development are ridiculous. But YIMBY has become much more popular recently, and it’s up to over 100,000 views per month now, so obviously there’s support…”

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